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Software engineering and consultancy for all businesses

Wirmark provides services ranging from Fullstack Web Development to Data Analysis. Whether you are a Startup or already established business, we can help you with the modern technologies.

"Builing beautiful software is more than just meeting the requirements"

Experiment your business concept with a Minumum Lovable Product

When establishing new businesses or evaluating new ideas, it's usually a good idea to start from something small and tangiable that can be done in a small period of time and doesn't require heavy investments.

Minumum Viable Products (MVP) is an agile and lightweight way of concepting new ideas and getting results fast. By having just the minimum set of features it's easier to keep eye on in what really is essiential, the very core of the idea. Later on if the MVP results being viable, the rest of the features will be built around it.

Measuring the MVP's viablity

For all rational decision making it's vital to have clear goals. Collecting well defined data and processing it equals to reliable measurebility - a compass while navigating through the unknown.

Cloud native solutions

We operate on Cloud. Leveraging could native architecture reduces the go-to live time significantly. While time is money, operating on Cloud saves both.

Technologies and methods

We use the latest but already established technologies. Cloud native backend and infrastructure with modern frontend Frameworks like React and Angular. Creating and using Component based design systems, building applications will eventually turn out to be like assembling user interfaces from reusable building blocks - results in to consistant look and feel accross the application, for both users and developers.

Principal technologies

  • React and Angular, Server-Side Rendering
  • Nodejs, Cloud functions (Lambda), Serverless
  • AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
  • Elasticsearch
  • GTM, Google Analytics
Patrik Keinonen - Managing Director

Patrik Keinonen

CEO / Fullstack Engineer
Outi Jaanu - Board Memember

Outi Jaanu

Board Memember / Finances / Data Analytics